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Hyundai Excel Parts

 Hyundai Excel was launched by the company in 1986 and it rolled out for 9 consecutive years till 1994. A few models also appeared in the later decades as well. It is one of the averagely popular Hyundai cars but it is known for its safety, cost effectiveness and reliability. Hyundai Excel is one of the cars for which it is difficult to find genuine Hyundai Excel parts. There is a flood of aftermarket parts for the Hyundai Excel available in the market which we do not provide.

 We suggest that customers should ignore the imitation parts and always choose genuine parts if they want to continue to enjoy their ride for a maximum amount of time. Genuine Hyundai Excel parts are manufactured by Hyundai laying special emphasis on the particulars of each of the models. Each part is individually tested for its performance and durability.

 Hyundai is known to produce engineering marvels and it has strived hard to do the same with its parts. Each part is created through the use of the most advanced techniques available. Parts are designed to great internal maintenance and genuine exterior looks to the car. deals only in genuine Hyundai excel parts for these very reasons. We have committed ourselves to provide the best quality parts to our customers and therefore we maintain a good distance from the aftermarket or imitation parts. We believe that the limits of excellent service can only be pushed by continuing to provide the genuine high quality Hyundai excel parts to our customers at wholesale rates and minimum shipping costs.
Recently Sold Items from Hyundai Excel

Adjuster, Side

Hyundai - Excel - 1992 - 1994
Price : $7.47
List Price : $7.47
Your Price : $6.13
Core Price : $0.00


Hyundai - Excel - 1990 - 1991
Price : $33.26
List Price : $33.26
Your Price : $27.27
Core Price : $0.00


Hyundai - Excel - 1991 - 1992
Price : $22.92
List Price : $22.92
Your Price : $18.79
Core Price : $0.00

Dust cover

Hyundai - Excel - 1990 - 1994
Price : $34.76
List Price : $34.76
Your Price : $28.50
Core Price : $0.00

Rocker adjuster screw

Hyundai - Excel - 1993 - 1994
Price : $2.74
List Price : $2.74
Your Price : $2.25
Core Price : $0.00

Throttle position sensor

Scoupe, Auto Trans, To 8/15/90
Hyundai - Excel - 1991 - 1991
Price : $187.60
List Price : $187.60
Your Price : $153.83
Core Price : $0.00
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